What to Expect at Your First Surfing Lesson


surf-863696_960_720Surfing is an amazing sport to learn, but it can be challenging and overwhelming as it takes a lot practice and hard work to get the hang of everything. For those who are interested in surfing, it might be best to take a lesson or two to get yourself familiar with the sport. Before you head to your first lesson here are three important things to expect.

Learn the Basics
Before you make your way into the water you will need to go over the basics with your instructor. It is best to start out on the sand so you can understand the mechanics of surfing. These are very important tools to grasp early on, especially when you are dealing with the rough and intense waves.

It’s Hard Work
If there is one piece of advice I can give you it’s that surfing is far from easy. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to get good at this sport. For those who haven’t spent much time swimming in open water, or swimming out into waves this sport might be challenging. You also must have a strong swimming background before you take your first lesson because if you don’t surfing can be dangerous. I highly recommend you master swimming before anything else. Your instructor can still make things easier for you on your first lesson either by taking things slow or avoiding the big waves early on.

Surfing Attire
It is very important to know what to wear when you go surfing for the first time. The boards that are used for beginners have a great grip to surf, but can cause an irritation to the skin that can be rather frustrating. To prevent this from occurring I recommend you wear a wetsuit or long sleeves that will cover your arms to allow you enjoy your first surfing experience.