Top 4 Surfing Apps

Technology continues to improve the way in which we do things in society. This is especially true within surfing. Nowadays, smartphone apps can have a positive impact on our daily surfing experience. Before you make plans to go to a beach, check out these top four surfing apps.

NOAA Ocean Buoys

Having trouble sometimes deciding how the ocean will be before you go surfing? Well, this unique app has got you covered.  It gives you weather information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Buoy Center. Now, how awesome is that? At the palm of your hand, you will get to know the wind speed, air and water temperature and even tide information. I think you should download this app asap!

Surf Stoaked

Surf stoaked is a great app that allows surfers to track all of the awesome things they do in the ocean. From sharing the gorgeous photos to rating their day’s surf this app truly has it all. This app is great for surfers to get recommendations to surf at other locations.  If you have friends that surf as well you can invite each other to your next surfing session in a blink of an eye. Instead of taking hours of your day searching the internet to discover a place to surf that day, you can simply log on to the app and have multiple destinations with ratings right in front of your eyes.


The iSurfer app is one of my favorite apps out on the market because it has everything for every type of surfer.  If you are a beginner or experienced, it provides you with great tips and techniques to perform in the ocean. It also gives you advice on which board to select based on your experience level. I highly recommend this surfing app!


There are apps out there that give you tide information, including NOAA Ocean Buoys which I have discussed above. However, Tidegraph is the only app that can give you a view of an entire month’s worth of data in a single snapshot. You have the ability to check out if the tide is dropping or rising at any point in the day.