Longboard or Shortboard – Which would you rather?

Looking to get into surfing? Well, before you go hit the ocean, you must decide which type of board to use. There are two types of boards to choose from and they are longboards and shortboards. Each board type offers different ways to shred through the waters. Today, we can take a look at some the key differences from each board, so you can decide for yourself which one fits you best.


One of the first type of surfboards to shred through to the waters was the longboard. Over time the longboard has gone through some changes, but the simple design remains the same. Longboards and shortboards are both extremely popular in the surfing world today. But the extra length in the longboard gives some surfers more stability while they are surfing. This is great for surfers who have just started and are looking to learn the basics. Surfing is fun, but not an easy sport to learn at first, so I definitely recommend using the longboard for starters. For all beginners, paddling is one of the first things you learn when you hit the ocean and it is much easier to paddle on a longboard than on a shortboard. A longboard is a no brainer if you are a newbie.


The Shortboard was designed during the 1960’s and many referred this as the surfing revolution. After hundreds of years with only the one type of surfboard hitting the ocean, a new unique board was joining the party. The shortboard was a huge hit when it made it’s way into stores. I mean who wouldn’t want to try out this awesome new board in the ocean. However, the shortboard is definitely more difficult to learn for beginners due to it’s smaller size. Shortboards are mostly used by professional surfers as the shortboards offer more freedom for them to make sharper cuts into waves. In my opinion, if you are a beginner I would go with the longboard first and once you get the hang of the basics and feel more confident take out the shortboard for a try.