About Russell Wallace


Russell Wallace, a lifetime resident of Orange County in southern California, is a very successful businessman, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and avid surfer. Through all of Russell’s accomplishments and health scares, surfing has been the thing that been a source of comfort and reliability during some trying times in Russell’s life.

Russell Wallace Orange County

Russell Wallace

Growing up in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, Russell was exposed to the water at a young age. He recalls being in the water almost everyday growing up. His Mother and Stepfather, being in the water daily, were an influence on him. His brother, a surfer and bodyboarder himself introduced him to the sport at the age of 5.

Recently, to further Russell’s hobby of surfing, he purchased his own wave boat, the Nautique G25. The Nautique G25 is considered the most advanced wakeboard and wake surfing boat on the market today. The boat features the world’s most customizable surf system, to help shape the most progressive wave on the water. Today, Russell tries to hit the waves daily behind his boat, around his own busy schedule of working with many successful businesses he founded.

Russell is also an entrepreneur who has seen success since his teens. At the age of 19 Russell founded his own mortgage company and shortly after earned his first million. At the age of 24, he had 8 of his own offices and and early 300 employees. Today, Russell runs his own free service, Business Solutions, an automated answering service. His goal is to make new businesses a resource to fellow entrepreneurs, vetting third party vendors.

With a main focus on customer service, Russell always tries to build the most solid customer service and culture you can build. He sites Zappos as a key influence in his own entrepreneurial pursuits because of their world renown customer service. Zappos approaches business is a very different and unique way, and even if Russell’s ventures don’t exactly follow their model, he certainly admires their creativity.

Russell has also overcome his own personal health scares in his life as well. Needing open heart surgery at the age of 15, after his football coach caught on to him having an irregular heartbeat. At the age of 24, he faced another great challenge. This time Russell had a nagging sore throat and was prescribed antibiotics and had some blood drawn at the doctors office. He received a phone call from the doctor saying they needed to take more blood. Russell found himself in the ER with people who were really hurt, making him nervous. Upon taking more blood he was diagnosed was Leukemia, which, according to his doctors, was the best case scenario. After a successful course of chemo therapy, Russell is proud to say he’s been in remission for over 9 years and lives by his life motto “Always going forward.”